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Barbara Marsh
Chief Operating Officer

Our mission is to heal people experiencing substance use disorders through learning, science, and partnership. We promote Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as the gold standard of care for many substance use disorders. We also embrace promising practices as options for our patients and rigorously evaluate how well these practices may help people manage their substance use disorders. We are excited about contributing to next-generation approaches and participating in research to discover the treatments of tomorrow.

Two health networks, Kettering Health Network and Premier Health, joined Verily to create OneFifteen, a not-for-profit ecosystem in Dayton, to provide clinical care and rehabilitation, and wraparound services such as vocational training to people in recovery. Together, Kettering Health and Premier have more than 180 years of experience serving the Miami Valley and local communities. Now, with Verily, ARE, Kettering Health, and Premier, the OneFifteen team is working with local experts and community leaders to create a long-term solution that arms families and their loved ones suffering with addiction with the tools and the hope that recovery is possible.