Cash Advance Repayment Status by MCO

  • Buckeye - will voluntarily suspend BH provider cash payments for 60 days and will review this policy in 60 days.  If you have questions, they may contact Laura Paynter at [email protected]
  • Caresource - will contact providers with cash advance repayment plans about delaying repayments for the next 60 days.  If you have questions or have not been contacted reach out to Jonas Thom at [email protected]
  • Molina - will suspend repayment agreements for the next 60 days. Questions may be directed to Deanna Putmam at [email protected]
  • Paramount - providers must request a pause in repayment and may forego two monthly payments with no penalty or outreach from Paramount requesting explanation related to the missed payments.  Requests and questions may be sent to Linda Nordahl at [email protected]
  • UHC will allow providers to pass a payment for March and April 2020. The two additional payments can be made up by extending the repayment term two months. This option applies only to providers with existing Advance Payment recoupment plans in place. Contact Tracey Izzard to pause payments at  [email protected]