Greenspace Health

Tanya Scarapicchia

Partnership Manager
[email protected]

Greenspace is a web-based platform that helps mental health therapists (psychiatrists, MD psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers and registered psychotherapists) easily measure and monitor patient progress. Patients complete medically validated assessments electronically and the results are displayed to the therapist and patient in a visual and easy to interpret display. Greens pace eliminates the need for paper and pen-based assessments and makes it easy to regularly measure progress and engage patients in their own treatment. As a technology company, data security and privacy is of the utmost importance. We are proudly a SOC2 Type II compliant organization. 

Greenspace was developed based on well validated medical research that is clear that measuring patient progress is one of the most important determinants of successful patient outcomes. Research studies have shown that regularly measuring progress increases the likelihood that a patient achieves significant and reliable change by 3.5 times.