• Accrediting Body Guidance on COVID 19
    • CARF:  Message from the CEO:  The safety and well-being of persons served, staff of accredited programs and services, and CARF surveyors are our priority. CARF has postponed all surveys with start dates of March 16 through April 30, 2020, to help with community transmission mitigation efforts. We continue to schedule for future on-site surveys, but recognize that such events are highly dependent on air travel; surveyor availability; and the course of COVID-19 and its impact on communities, health and human service organizations, and the persons served.  We encourage everyone to continue everyday preventive actions and to follow ongoing recommendations from state and local health authorities on social distancing and sheltering in place, when and where possible, to prevent exposure to and spread of the virus.    
    • COA continues to monitor this challenging and constantly developing situation with COVID-19 and has focused the utmost attention on protocols needed to keep our entire COA community safe and healthy.  COA has been following the guidance, recommendations, and mandates of federal, state, and local governmental and public health entities to ensure that we are taking the best course of action possible.  We have compiled some key informational resources and best practices for navigating the current landscape that we will continue to update. Based on the guidance received, COA will be suspending all volunteer travel and cancelling all Site Visits that were scheduled to begin the week of March 23, 2020.  These restrictions will remain in place through the end of April and we will revisit and update them on an ongoing basis as more information becomes available.  
    • The Joint Commission recognizes the incredible challenge that health care organizations and front-line workers are facing with the COVID-19 crisis.  The situation is changing rapidly, and recommendations have been changing with similar speed. We also understand that health care personnel are wading through a deluge of information. Therefore, we have created a resource page for health care professionals and organizations that provides only the information that best meets the needs of health care workers and leaders.