Supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Cleaning supplies, sanitizer and PPE are in high demand for all healthcare providers, including hospitals. The following is the best guidance and creative problem solving available currently for obtaining supplies from reputable sources.
  • Contact your local health department(s) or emergency management agency (EMA).  To request access to cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment. Here's the list of Ohio County Emergency Management Directory.  
  • Reach out to local schools (K-12, colleges/universities, cosmetology), restaurants, bars, salons, spa, tattoo parlors, specialty medicine (dentists, veterinarians, etc.) to inquire about availability of supplies for purchase or donation.
  • A local company, Aunt Flow, is currently leveraging their network and resources to help provide PPE.   Right now, they have available FDA Approved Masks. You can learn more and order HERE. Order limits are currently 2,000. If you have questions or need larger orders, please contact Claire Coder at [email protected].   
  • Another Ohio-based company our members can contact for N95 masks is Accord Medical Staffing at (440) 205-1930 or  Please contact Ashley with questions at:  [email protected].
  • Report any unscrupulous vendors or price gouging to the Attorney General.   
  • The State of Ohio is asking residents and businesses who can donate PPE, or any other essential service or resource, to email [email protected].  Please share on your websites and via social media.