Lindsay Horst
[email protected]

Linden partners with behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment providers to improve quality, efficiency, client and staff experience, and profitability. We can help you meet your goals with services like data extraction and analysis; assistance with reporting, incentive, and regulatory programs; EHR customization and optimization; quality measurement, reporting, and improvement; workflow and process optimization; implementing new programs, systems, and office processes; and more.

For users of compatible EHR and billing systems, we can create custom, live data dashboards derived from any information entered in these systems and displayed in helpful charts, graphs, or tables – key financial performance indicators, clinical information for quality improvement and client tracking, internal use data (missing or incomplete documentation, no-shows, schedule analyses), etc. Easily access and understand your data for improved planning and decision-making.

Every relationship is customized to meet your unique needs; call or email to discuss how we can work together.